Feb. 16 — Where I’m At

If it seems like it’s been a while since my last post…it’s probably because it has. Mostly, this has been because I’ve been busy actually working on Gateway instead of writing about it. There’s been tons of progress, but it can all be summed up in a single phrase:

The first mission is now complete.

Okay, it’s only the training mission, but that’s hardly important, since getting to this point required pretty much everything to be complete enough to support a mission with dialogue, basic enemies, props, etc. Scripting out the mission has uncovered a lot of bugs and “features” that have appeared since I last tested various aspects of gameplay. Thus, the list of things I’ve completed has mostly consisted of: “fixed a bug here, corrected a segfault there, etc.”

A few non-technical items have been addressed, as well. Several models and textures have been improved, for a better look and feel. While I recognize that I’m not an artist, I’m always open to improving something if I think that I can.

Right now, I’m at a very important stage in Gateway’s development: developing the story. I’ve always had a rough outline in my head at any given time, but the real work now involves scripting out every mission and piece of dialogue, in order to figure out how many voice actors are required. Several family and friends who I think would fit some parts well have already volunteered their time, which is going to be immensely helpful. I also have a few play testers lined up. (Not to mention that a couple of folks have already tested the tutorial mission and have given some very useful advice.) Thanks, everyone!

I’m incredibly excited about what’s going to come next. Seeing my game finally come to life in this way is rewarding and, at the same time, very nerve-wracking. What if some vital features are missing that could make the game more fun? What if it’s just no fun at all? I suppose these are normal fears. Whenever they happen to pop up, I usually just think something like, “Shut up. It’s either a half-complete game with loads of features, or something more minimal that’s actually finished. You can’t do it all.” Sound advice, if I do say so myself.

The other issue to consider is that of play-testers. If my game sucks in any way, I’ll just have to trust them to be honest. Then it falls on me to find a way to improve things. The only thing I can do now is just carry on forward.

Before we part ways, here is a screenshot from the tutorial mission. It shows some space stations, colossal gates, cruisers, fighters, and a little dialogue from the (later ill-fated) Col. Matthews.

The player is greeted by Col. Matthews as they enter the training sector.

The player is greeted by Col. Matthews as they enter the training sector.


2 responses to “Feb. 16 — Where I’m At

  1. I’ll play test it for you and give detailed reports to only you. As for being fun, that’s really all I care about. Not the story. Just from the screenshot, I assume the object is to fly and destroy the satellites or scan them. I’ve given plenty of detailed reports to Steam devs, some of which have been taken to heart and implemented. Others, well not so much 🙂


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