Feb. 18 – Where I’m At

Has it really been November since my last update? Geez. I guess the only way to excuse this supreme degree of laziness is to post a progress update telling you how much I’ve completed.

There’s a lot, actually:

  • Added an option for FXAA and optimized some graphics performance settings
  • Reworked some models (arg) including the gates and the marauder/alien cruisers, turrets, and fighters
  • Made final dev passes on some of the campaign missions
  • Made major improvements to the UI system
  • Added improved in-game tutorial/teaching notifications
  • Added new backdrop assets to the game
  • A few other minor improvements and fixes

The next steps will involve polishing the instant action mode and doing final passes on all of the remaining campaign missions. There’s also the issue of multiplayer, which Hypergate supports (I’ll probably talk about this in a future post, as there’s a lot to say!). The thing that’s important to me is that I can really see the final game taking shape now.

Also, I’m on the Twitters now! More fine-grained progress updates (screenshots, brief videos, etc.) will be posted there: https://twitter.com/geoff_nagy.

But, I can’t just leave you folks without any screenshots, so here we are: