Pointers for Productivity

Finishing game dev projects is hard! I was recently asked to provide some tips on personal productivity, specifically for hobbyist or indie developers. As I started I realized that this was also harder to do than I thought. Nevertheless, here we go! These little nuggets of wisdom are the main reason that I regularly meet […]


Content Update #2 is Out!

I’m very excited to announce that Content Update #2 is out! To celebrate, I’m running a 60% discount. Until March 31st, you can get Hypergate for less than $4 USD from the Steam Store page. This latest update includes: 2 new ships 3rd-person view Removal of online DRM Attachments (new upgradeable components that are separate […]

Feb. 17 – Where I’m At

Content Update #2 is coming along nicely! Here is my to-do list: ability to buy new ships develop boost/engine sounds for new ships ability to buy and use attachments integrate attachments and new ships into LAN play third-person fighter view add third-person EMP effect remove online DRM and allow offline mode add short engine thruster […]

Jan. 11 – Where I’m At

Here’s a brief update on things! As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ll be releasing several updates to Hypergate of various sizes. Like all updates I provide for Hypergate, they are free and require no separate DLC-type downloads. They’re just straight-up updates, for your gaming pleasure. Content Update #1 is already released. It included 5 new Instant […]

Doing Ludum Dare

I participated in Ludum Dare 45 this year. Ludum Dare is a semi-annual competition where you attempt to make a game over a single weekend. There are two flavours. The first is the “Compo”, where you have 48 hours to make everything as a single individual (no teams). You must release your source code and […]

Making My Models

Game art is really not one of my strong suits. I mean, don’t get me wrong – I think Hypergate looks pretty good. But first and foremost, I consider myself a programmer, not an artist. Here’s a 3D model I built back around 6 years ago at the beginning of Hypergate’s development. (I couldn’t find […]

Aug. 3 – Where I’m At

Hypergate has been out for about 8 months and is available on Steam! Reviews are positive and folks seem to enjoy playing it. I haven’t written anything on this blog since I released the game, although I’ve been very active on Twitter. (As an aside, the Twitter game dev community is pretty awesome! Lots of cool work […]

Feb. 18 – Where I’m At

Has it really been November since my last update? Geez. I guess the only way to excuse this supreme degree of laziness is to post a progress update telling you how much I’ve completed. There’s a lot, actually: Added an option for FXAA and optimized some graphics performance settings Reworked some models (arg) including the gates […]

Nov. 26 – Where I’m At

Okay! After some Asteroids Millennium-related stuff got taken care of (a bug here, an extra feature there), I experienced a day or so of mental peace where I felt absolutely no desire to work on any projects at all. I was peaceful and content, and it was horrible and boring. Eventually, though, the desire to build […]